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DAOC Certification Application – Exam Only


The Digital Ad Operations Certification (DAOC) is for professionals that work closely with advertisers and agencies to deliver exceptional customer service throughout the media buying lifecycle, to include creative management, launch confirmation, and pacing confirmation. This includes providing quality assurance, logging traffic, pulling campaign placement reports, entry of proposals, and reviewing the status of campaigns in order to optimize their performance, while assisting the Ad Sales, Marketing, and Product teams in formulating media plans.*

You are applying for the DAOC Certification which includes the DAOC examination and your first two-year certification cycle.**

The requirements for earning the DAOC certification are:

  • Agree to abide by and uphold the Code of Ethics.
  • Electronically sign the IAB Consent Statement.
  • Pass the DAOC examination.


*This exam is currently only offered in English.

**This does not include training materials.