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DMFC Certification – 3 Month Extension


This product extends the testing window by 3 months.

The Digital Marketing and Media Foundations Certification (DMFC) is for professionals that support companies throughout the media buying lifecycle. Representative companies include advertisers, agencies, media properties, and/or technology platforms. They often have a solid understanding of Digital Marketing and Media and the overall digital media ecosystem enabling this associate to complete campaign planning, execution, and analysis tasks for a range of Digital Marketing and Media departments.*

You are applying for the DMFC Certification which includes the DMFC examination and your first two-year certification cycle.**

The requirements for earning the DMFC certification are:

  • Agree to abide by and uphold the Code of Ethics.
  • Electronically sign the IAB Consent Statement.
  • Pass the DMFC examination.


*This exam is currently only offered in English.

**This does not include training materials.