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DMFC Redesignation


The Digital Marketing and Media Foundations Certification (DMFC) is for professionals that support companies throughout the media buying lifecycle. Representative companies include advertisers, agencies, media properties, and/or technology platforms. They often have a solid understanding of Digital Marketing and Media and the overall digital media ecosystem enabling this associate to complete campaign planning, execution, and analysis tasks for a range of Digital Marketing and Media departments.

You must:

  • Agree to abide by and uphold the Code of Ethics.
  • Electronically sign the IAB Consent Statement.

You will have six months after purchasing DMFC Redesignation to submit 20 continuing education (CE) credits. Once you have submitted your CE credits, your certification will be re-activated. Your certification will be valid for two years from the date of purchase of your redesignation. All certification requirements must be completed at each recertification cycle (every two years).